What's new

Registration will still be held online this year, however, we are implementing a registration deadline 1 WEEK before Consumed this year. This is to help us get more accurate numbers to our cooking staff so they can be preparing earlier, and for us to be able to organize better for Friday evening’s registration mayhem :)

We are capping registration at 325 this year. That is around the number we had registered last year, and we discovered that we were pretty tapped out for space. We have made some changes to accommodate for the growth this year, but wanted to ensure that we are still able to do things well for the people attending. Some of the changes are listed below:

Out-of-Town Billeting

To alleviate the issues we had of being overcrowded at Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Academy last year, we have a 2nd location for groups to stay at this year: Comox Pentecostal Church, 1919 Guthrie Rd., Comox

The continental breakfast on Sunday morning will be served ONLY at Phil & Jennie Galardi, so groups from Comox Pentecostal can head over there for breakfast.


On Saturday afternoon, we will be hosting a few workshops, however, we are doing something a little different in the second half of the afternoon. We will be organizing some sports and competitions down the road at Lake Trail Middle School (5 min. walk) to give students an opportunity to blow off some extra energy and to get out of the stuffiness of the church hallways. For those not interested in going to the gym, there will be a games room set up back at Northgate, as well as a movie being shown on the big screen (Church appropriate, of course!)

Meal times

Due to the increase in numbers over the last couple years, meal times have become quite long and arduous. To help with this, we will be distributing 2 colours of wristbands at registration. The different colours will have different meal times. One will line up to eat 30 minutes earlier than the other. Hopefully, this will help to streamline meal times.